The Best Online Games Without a Download

If you’re looking for a good online game without a download, look no further. Travian has been around for over a decade, building up a loyal following for fans of MMOs and strategy games. It was also the foundation for many other games that came later, and its latest form, Travian Legends, boasts stunning graphical upgrades. Travian Legends is one of the few online games that doesn’t require a download to play.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular free games online today, and it features a unique battle royale format. The game pits up to 150 players against each other on an expansive map. It rewards skill and patience, and is great fun to play with friends. You can also earn Battle Passes, which are basically virtual currency that will let you get better weapons, perks, and other things in the game.

Card Hunter

Card Hunter is a browser game that emulates the feel of a Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s a mix of strategy and card-based combat. Players start out with a full party of cards, but when they run out of cards, they have to restart with a basic set. It’s a great game for people who love role-playing games.

My Friend Pedro

If you like to play platform games, you will love My Friend Pedro. It is a platform shooter with a great variety of gun tricks, including split aiming, rappelling, and more. In this game, you will control Pedro’s body, shoot enemies, and break windows. Also read


Copter is one of the best free online games available on the internet. The game was originally a classic flash game that became extremely popular. The game developer decided to make it available in an online browser version as a way to monetize it. While the game may not be as polished and user-friendly as the original version, it still has a fun and addictive gameplay experience. You can play this game with only your mouse and keyboard, and there are no downloads or registrations required.

GameStart Pixel Battle

GameStart Pixel Battle is a side-scrolling platformer that features cameos by some of today’s top gamers. Players can choose from a variety of playable characters with unique abilities and special moves. The game features retro-futuristic aesthetics and an original EDM soundtrack.


If you want to play an interesting game online without having to download anything, you might want to try PewPew. This game has a simple but fast frame rate and offers five game modes. Some of them include Pandemonium, where enemies explode. Dodge This is similar to the classic Geometry Wars game, and Chromatic Conflict requires a lot of observation.


If you’re looking for a free Android game, you should try Underhand, an innovative deck-building game. This game puts you in the shoes of a mysterious cult leader and requires you to use mystical cards to summon sinister creatures. As you play the game, you’ll learn about occult secrets and perform mystical rituals.